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Wining and Dining in Odessa

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The beautiful city of Odessa not only has great beaches. There are restaurants for every palette, from the distinguished to the sublime. When making your dining selection, you can choose the more elegant or laid back, either will serve you a fine meal. One thing to always remember is that in many Odessa restaurants, everything is priced a la carte. This usually means that cream for your coffee or that basket of bread will result in an additional fee. Another small detail is the service charge that will appear on most guest checks. This can range from anywhere from five to ten percent of your total bill.

Many of the finer Odessa restaurants are located in the major hotels. Fine establishments such as “Le Duc” in the Hotel Arcadia Plaza boast elegant French and European cuisines with fine wine choices. With large and small dining rooms available, they offer fine dining for any size group or family. For another fine dining experience, one may frequent “Le Caprice” inside the Palace del Mar Hotel. Offering exquisite seafood dishes, fine wines and a wonderful view. If you’re looking for a lovely Asian meal, try “Shalimar” in the heart of the city. The comfortable, plush surroundings along with fantastic cuisine have patrons returning time after time.

For a more relaxed atmosphere, there are many Odessa restaurants in the pub and café categories. If you’re looking for a great pizzeria, try “Zara Pizzara” with its modern, chic furnishings. This pizzeria is considered one of the best. It is the only facility in the Ukraine to sport a television in the lavatory, which might be the curiosity factor that drives part of its business. Then there’s the “Irish Pub”, with an eclectic mix of American, Irish and Ukrainian specialties. Their menu is like reading a world atlas of food dishes.

Looking for a romantic setting? There are many Odessa restaurant options that provide intimate dining for when you want to be close and solitary. Known for its special coffee and American style menus, the “Steakhouse” also boasts catering to business dinners and romantic interludes. The menu is a bit pricey, but the food and ambiance are worth it. With its seaside village décor and a local Ukrainian menu, “Kumanets” can be especially charming. Another plus to this dining establishment is the food is served in copious quantity. Although there are other options for traditional Ukrainian cooking, “Kumanets” always rises to the top of the list.

There is no shortage of specialty Odessa restaurants something for everyone’s palette is available. If you’re looking for Mexican cuisine, try “Estrellita”. Have a craving for great fish try the “Gulf Stream”. Perhaps you require a kosher establishment, in which case there is “Rozmarin”. This is a cozy and modern café providing a traditional Jewish menu. If a Japanese atmosphere is more to your liking, try “Yokogama” where they offer stylish Japanese fair. Whether you are in the Ukraine on business or in Odessa for holiday, there is a place for every palette nearby.

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Odessa Restaurants

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      There are many things that I like to do when I come to Odessa. Trying new restaurant is always the first thing on my list.  When we have a chance, we ask our guests what places they like more. We even compiled the list of our guests' favourites:

- Fanconi                      
    15/17 Ekaterininskaya  (8-0482) 34 66 66
- Kompot
                           20 Deribasovskaya  (8-048) 728 77 75
- SteakHouse                   20 Deribasovskaya   (8-0482) 34 87 82
- Ukrayinska Lasunka  17 Deribasovskaya    (8-0482) 258 412 
                                          (This one I can blame for gaining extra 5 pounds, but well worth it!)
- Kumanec                      7 Gavannaya. +38 0482 37-69-46


Things to know:

     Worldwide cuisine is available in Odessa from different restaurants to small cafes. Normally it is expensive particularly if the ingredients used were from abroad but there are new restaurants opening now and then and there are becoming more choices for customers. In terms of billing, do not be surprised if they offer you gifts such as fruit baskets, bread or even butter cream as they may raise your bill so check with them if this is truly complimentary. There is also a 5-10% service charge which is not a tax so it is up to you to give additional tip if you are very satisfied with everything. Hryvnas is the only money officially accepted in Ukraine. Don’t rely on always using your credit card, some restaurants don’t accept them.

     Famous Restaurants are as follows: 

Le Duc 

   You can find a classic French restaurant in the famous Arcadia Plaza hotel. Le Duc is best for a leisurely dinner or business luncheon with its fine porcelain and crisp linen tables that creates an ambiance of pure elegance. The skillful blending of Mediterranean and Ukraine’s finest local produce is the outcome of its superb cuisine. An extensive collection of wine from its own cellar compliments each mouth-watering dish. The restaurant has a capacity for 120 people, with the “Rotunda” in the Big Hall sitting 20 people with it’s famous cozy hall. The “Rotunda” boasts of its privacy for unperturbed family or private parties. 

 Restaurant - Bar "Gallery"

 Care for a “greeny” restaurant? The Gallery reflects nature with it’s plants and natural aesthetics to give you the setting of freshness. The menu is the best of European and Ukrainian cuisines including a selection of exotic food from the East. Any connoisseur will be surprised with the list of wine and cocktails perfect to compliment any dish. Whether it is a romantic song for lovers or a sweet rhythm, making anyone’s body want to swing with the beat, the live band would complete your night out. 

Irish Pub "Mick O'Neill's" 

   Irish pubs decorate every popular street in the world and Odessa is not an exception. Mick O’Neill’s is a landmark in Odessa. This is one pub you will not want to miss and disappoints none. The inside creates a cozy environment for just drinking beer specially on happy hours and the perfect service creates a warm environment for everyone. The rich assortment of dishes will also give anyone needing fulfillment of an empty stomach a certain satisfaction. The Buffalo Chicken Wings are popular among visitors on any day of the week. There are also 7 different kinds of beer for the most demanding customer. Irish apple-pie, desktop tennis, billiards, and banquet halls are also available to complete the “pub-ness” of this place.  


   Any restaurant on a seaside attracts many customers. Not only does it create a feeling of closeness to nature but it gives an aura openness which only a seaside can provide. Khutork with its spectacular natural surrounding gives you oasis of healthy food and an unforgettable experience. The Black Sea can be seen from the summer terrace which is decorated in typical Ukraine style and the fireplace from the main hall will surely make you comfortable to the maximum. The Hunter’s Room is one of the private rooms which are decorated in different special themes and motif for larger groups. There are also rooms which reflects the good life in Ukraine such as the Forge or The Bourgeoisie Room. The exterior features live music with professional jazz, pop and folk artists perform every night. 

Japanese Restaurant "Seven Samurayev" (Hotel "Black Sea") 

   Every city should have a Japanese restaurant. This bold opinion can come from anyone who has travelled around many places or perhaps even around the world. Odessa is proud to have one and that is the Seven Samurayev. Open at any time of the day, this restaurant is an ideal place to visit. Sushi and sashimi are affordable and you can truly enjoy Japanese food with different varieties of this famous cuisine. The VIP zone contains a round sushi bar that rotates around hungry patrons. Also, this room provides comfort to guests as the tables and surroundings are made of exotic Japanese accessories. 

 Restaurant "Kumanets" 

   If you want an authentic Ukrainian restaurant, Kumanets is the place to be. Centrally located, this restaurant is popular among the locals and guests alike. You might say this is a home restaurant to a lot of people as the charisma of the Ukrainian village is present in its interior where masterpieces of the past centuries are displayed. These masterpieces include artifacts, and handy works from local artists.  The restaurant is proud of its original Ukrainian cuisine with recipes from old past centuries pass down in the hands of local chefs. The names written on the menu for these recipes also reflects the old Ukrainian cooking and one can savor the taste of original food served many centuries ago.

 Cafe - Club "Forsage" 

   A club or cafe that offers food and drinks but is also a restaurant in that you can eat and fill your stomach to the brim. Café – Cub Forsage is just that. This place is a melting pot. Locals and foreigners alike know each other due to frequency in visits and of course due to its popularity and again, which is due to its services. The holiday atmosphere makes one become friendly and unpretentious that is why there is a common bonding among the customers. Aside from different dishes, there are choices of drinks and cocktails to suit everyone. There is also a VIP service, and a playing complex for the kids so basically the whole family can chill out at any day of your choice!


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