The famous Privoz Market—noisy, slightly crooked, and ethnically diverse—was yet another visiting card of both old and new Odessa. Here today, as a hundred years ago, untranslatable Odessa jokes arise and several generations of satirists have found inspiration. The other main prerevolutionary bazaars—the Old and New—were stationary and with foundations: they had stone pavilions, stalls, stores, and warehouses. For many decades the Privoz was only a square where farmers sold their goods from carts and wagons. The Russian word "privozit'" means "to bring by transport, and local agricultural regions brought their wares to the Privoz.

   Gradually the market became so popular that people started to construct stone and wooden buildings. Eventually an architectural glory, the Fruit Passage, was built. The sales statistics at Privoz show that in the late nineteenth century Odessa annually consumed 1,132,800 chickens and 40 million eggs.

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