Company budgets have to be carefully watched when sending their Executives abroad, especially now, with the specter of recession just around the corner.  At one time, when a company was relocating its Executives to maintain the company perspective abroad, they stayed in local hotels with international reputations for their excellent service.  This cost the companies dear, putting an additional burden on available resources.  It was time to find a suitable alternative for the relocation of Executives abroad.  An ideal alternative was the short term rental market.

   Rentals for the short term market comprise fully furnished apartments and are complete with everything the discerning businessman needs while abroad.  Utilities are ready provided, with utility costs usually incorporated into the rental. This includes electricity, water and, if available, gas.  Additional to the rent are charges made for internet and cable TV usage, plus any telephone calls that might be made. The line rental, however, is covered in the rent. 

   An added advantage of providing furnished apartments for your Executives is their total freedom.  You can come and go as you please, socialize with friends, and even host business meetings according to your requirements.  The additional space means you have the space to entertain and hold parties and even bring your family with you for no more cost than the additional air fare.

   Apartments are certainly more cost effective than housing your Executives indefinitely in hotel rooms, often saving the company as much as 40% if staying for any length of time.  The apartments are administered by a Property Manager or Real Estate Agent and they will negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best deals for cost-effective solutions to home-from- home essentials.  Some Property Managers will only deal with the short term market while others specialize in longer term rentals only.

   Freedom of choice is another factor, offering furnished penthouses, luxury apartments, apartments with garden facilities or something more modest like a studio apartment or duplex, or even a fully service apartment.  Whatever is available, a short term rental is an ideal solution to provide your Executives with a comfortable home abroad.

   Short term rentals can be allocated for as little as 7 nights up to 3 months.  Medium term tenancy applies for rental periods over 3 months and up to 6 months.  If a rental is required for longer than 6 months it is let under the terms of a long term rental.  A lease applies and this will stipulate the length of the rental period and the terms and conditions that you are expected to comply with.
Despite these few drawbacks, however, selecting the right apartment for you can provide you with the space and luxury you would automatically expect in a hotel but provide you with the additional space and freedom that you would expect at home. Liaising with the Real Estate Agent to iron out any problems is the key to a happy and comfortable stay and, appropriately organized, a short term apartment has many benefits over using hotel accommodation for trips abroad.