Although Odessa is a city known for its long and diverse history, nowadays it is also famous for its very rich and equally diverse nightlife, both in summer and winter. Especially in winter months, the focal point of entertainment is the downtown and everything is so close to each other that most visitors and night -lifers tend to practice some fun bar-hopping. Although the standards in the city are very high when it comes to nightlife , offering various options for all tastes, prices in drinks and admission fees are relatively cheap – especially for the Western visitors, ranging from 3-8 $ ,while in week days prices are definitely lower. There are many options when going out in Odessa, from restaurants to bars and clubs, however there are the must see places:

The Arena is one of the most famous places in downtown Odessa, boasting a huge dancing venue, a tailor made DJ booth and a superb sound system for a great musical experience.  There is a spacious patio in the club for those who wish to spend some time outside relaxing and sipping their drinks, and an ideal spot for people watching. On the lower floor there is a strip club which is considered one of the best in town, and it is a place where you can meet interesting people if you are by any chance alone. The Arena works as a restaurant, as one of the floors is a dining outlet featuring a rich European menu and local dishes.   
If you are up to some Latin music and fusion nightlife then the Bernardazzi is the place for you. Located at the centre of the city, it is a place to visit if you want something not that ordinary: Salsa, Meringue, Reggae and Cumbia set the tone and the entire decoration reflects the Latin mentality and style, although relatively simple and smart. Couches and comfortable chairs make the scene very cosy even during nights when the club is packed, but there is always a dance teacher there for you, to teach you how to dance Salsa and impress the guests. You will find many men and women who come there to meet other people dancing and moving to the rhythm.

     For the devoted party goers there is always the Captain Morgan club in downtown .  The most famous and elegant dressed party animals , with good connection and reputation are to be found in this place. There are huge lines waiting outside especially in weekends, but for a reason : this is the place where you can meet the enfant-gate of the Odessites and the most funky visitors. Reservations are always a good idea, because around midnight it is hardly possible to find a place to stand, and you definitely don’t want to spill a drink on your Armani outfit or a lady’s DKNY.Art club on the other hand, is an all day place to be. Its artsy flavors make it stand out from anything else, although it is also packed with intellectuals and arty people, many of whom make some very eccentric appearances. Open as a restaurant and club, it features many art exhibitions and film screenings, while it serves as a live concert venue, with Jazz and Rock festivals and shows. Drinks and food are very good and in reasonable prices, while many the locals and visitors flock to attend some literature nights and other events. It is by far the most interesting and diverse place to visit.