Looking for an Odessa Hotel? If you are planning to visit the beautiful city of Odessa Ukraine and you do a little research early, you won’t have a problem in finding a hotel you like, since most of the hotels in Odessa Ukraine offer state of art services and nice accommodation. Some of them tend to be a little overpriced, especially since most of them are older hotels which were redecorated or refurbished recently. Booking early is something that you should keep in mind always though, since many of the hotels work with travel agencies and their availability might be limited, especially during high seasons. London hotel is one of the most famous Odessa hotels; what is unique about it is that it consists of several buildings each front of which mirrors the other. The buildings represent the royal palaces of England and Great Britain, such as the St James and the Hampton Court Palace, while there is a copy of the Big Ben outside. For those who enjoy little details like this, there is an actual Beefeater working as door keeper.   


  Hotel London stands out because it is a very quiet hotel in the city centre. In fact this is one of its great advantages, as several visitors wonder how a hotel can be so calm and quiet. Its location is of course a big plus, as it is located close to all major attractions; you can walk around the city if you want, or hire a cab for the longer distances. The hotel is very clean and features spacious rooms. Some of the guestrooms overlook the hotel’s gardens, while some others offer a city view. The hotel was recently refurbished, although there are still some elements to remind of the 80s style and aesthetics, which might not be quite appealing to all people. One more fun detail about the hotel is the breakfast, which is served by Scottish like men, wearing kilts. The breakfast though is quite big and reminds the huge typical English breakfast.

    Odessa Hotel on the other hand is one of the most famous Odessa Ukraine Hotels, and definitely one of the largest. Its location is ideal; it’s located at the harbour, almost at the sea. Many visitors claim that the location is so unique that they cannot actually describe it; one should experience it so as to understand what it is about. Odessa Hotel consists of 19 floors and 158 guestrooms, ranging from standard rooms to posh suites. All of them are equipped with latest amenities; the hotel managers claim that it is an ideal place for both leisure and corporate visitors and once you stay there you know that this is true, since there are not only the expected conveniences an comforts for the tourists, but also a comprehensive number of business and banquet facilities, which are modern and fully functional. The hotel is a little pricey but it’s a good value for money.

    If you are looking for a more affordable solution, and a homey atmosphere away from busy and noisy hotels, why not consider Odessa apartments? The www.odessapartments.com can prove to be a great alternative for your stay in Odessa.